Benefits of growing in Clay Balls and Coco Coir

Author: Rebekah Pierce  Date Posted:30 June 2020 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control absolutely everything when it comes to growing plants indoors?

With hydroponic gardening, you can. Not only does hydroponic growing allow you to grow anywhere (you don’t need fertile soil or ample heat and sunlight 12 months out of the year) but you’ll also use 20 times less water than a regular garden.

Plus, your environment will be totally sterile - no need for pesticides! - and you’ll have complete control over your nutrients, harvest, and other factors, too.

However, in order to grow a bountiful crop, it’s important that you pick the right growing medium. You shouldn’t use regular soil in a hydroponic garden. Instead, you’ll want to use a “soilless” growing medium.

Two great options are clay balls (Cyco Hydro) and coco coir (Coco Professional). Here’s why they should be at the top of your list.

What Are Clay Balls?

Clay is often used as a growing medium in hydroponic setups. You’ll find clay used in a variety of products, including clay pebbles, clay pellets, hydroton, and of course, clay balls.

Clay balls are often used as a bottom drainage layer, but they can also be used as a complete medium for an entire pot, too.

Typically, clay balls are made by heating the clay to extreme temperatures, usually in a kiln. As the balls heat up, they fill with air and clump up into marble-sized units.

Benefits of Growing in Clay Balls

There are plenty of reasons to consider growing in clay balls.

For starters, this medium can increase the stability of your plants, helping them develop healthy roots and root conditions. Clay balls are free from viruses, pests, and chemical additives.

Plus, they’re eco-friendly. Since they’re biodegradable, you don’t need to worry about what you’re going to do with them when you’re done growing. The same can’t be said for common alternatives, like rockwool, which is tough to get rid of.

Not only can clay balls be used for drainage and as a complete growing medium, but they can also be used as a top dressing. When used in this context, clay balls can reduce algae buildup and fungus gnats, two common problems in even the best-maintained hydroponic setups.

Clay balls do not lose their shape when exposed to water, unlike other types of soilless media. They absorb and retain water with ease, making them a good choice for any kind of indoor gardening.

What is Coco Coir?

By contrast, coco coir is a growing medium derived from coconut hulls. It’s the fibrous material that lies between the meat of the coconut and the outer husk of the plant.

Coco coir is made by removing the husks from a coconut and soaking them in water. They are then dried for more than a year and organized into bales before being chopped and processed.

Coco coir presents many advantages to hydroponic growers, one of the biggest ones being that it looks a lot like regular soil. You’ll get the same look, feel, and texture of soil - but without all the hassle.

Benefits of Growing in Coco Coir

As a renewable resource - the average coconut tree produces hundreds of coconuts per year - coco coir is made out of what would otherwise be considered a waste product of the plant. It offers drainage and aeration that is comparable to that of peat moss - but is much more eco-friendly by comparison.

Coco coir also has a neutral pH value. Peat moss is acidic, but coco coir can be used right away without having to add lime.

It also contains vital nutrients for your plants, including potassium, copper, manganese, iron, and zinc. It even contains beneficial bacteria that can minimize harmful pathogens and improve your yields.

Coco coir can also be used a number of times, helping you save money while also improving the growth and bloom of your plants.

Consider BB Hydro Australia for Your Growing Needs

If you’re ready to start growing the hydroponic garden of your dreams, it’s time to consider coco coir and clay balls. Both of these soilless media are perfect options for beginning and experienced growers alike.

CANNA Coco Professional is made out of 100% coco flakes and subjected to strict quality controls. When you shop with BB HYdro Australia, you’ll receive only the best, purest coco-based plant medium for organic growing. Similarly, Cyco Hydro Clay is also tested monthly, ensuring that only the highest-quality clay is produced.

Versatility and effectiveness are key when you are growing an indoor garden - and these two growing media offers both. 



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