Everything You Need To Know About Homebrew

Author: Felicity Frankish  Date Posted:22 July 2020 

Are you the type of person who loves nothing more than heading out into the sunshine on a warm day and enjoying a nice, cold beer? You’re definitely not alone, with the amazing Australian weather we are treated to all year long, there are plenty of opportunities to sit back and unwind with a tasty beer. But have you ever considered taking it a step further and homebrewing your own concoction? It’s much easier than people think and can develop into a great new hobby for you to enjoy in your downtime. Not to mention your get to reap the rewards and enjoy a few beverages every now and then. Here is everything you need to know about homebrew.

What Is Homebrew?

A good place to start is looking at exactly what homebrew is. Put simply, it is the brewing of beer, mead and cider without your own home for non-commercial purposes. People take up this hobby for a number of reasons, from enjoying a little space to themselves, to taking part in a social endeavour with mates. There are even brewing clubs out there for those who are extra keen.

Here’s a short and very basic rundown of the homebrewing process:

  1. Soak the malted barley in hot water. This will release the malt sugars.
  2. Boil the malt sugar and add in some hops for flavour.
  3. Allow this solution to cool before adding the yeast to begin fermentation. In the process of fermentation, the yeast ferments the sugar and releases CO2 and ethyl alcohol.
  4. Once complete, the beer is ready!

History Of Homebrew

So when exactly did homebrewing start? When homebrewing first came in it was actually illegal in Australia. It started as a great way to save costs on the commercial beers out there. It has grown significantly since then, and is no longer such a money saver. In fact, most people start out in homebrewing for the craft. It can be likened to baking your own bread or curing your own meat – it has become an artisan pursuit allowing you to craft a beer to your tastes.

Different Homebrew Techniques

Part of the challenge of this artisan craft is that there are a number of different ways to brew your own beer. Here are three of the basic ones to start with:

  1. Extract Brewing Kit: this method uses pre-hopped extracts. This means you skip step 2 listed above and simply dissolve the extract in instead.
  2. All Grain Brewing Kit: this is the process of making your wort from malted grains and water. Essentially you soak crushed, malted grains in hot water to release sugars, then drain this liquid as your wort.
  3. Three Tier Brewing Stand: the tier system uses gravity to move the liquids from the hot water tank to mash and then to the boil kettle.

Of course, once you dive down the rabbit hole of home brew beers, you will find there is much more to it and many different ways you can experiment to get your desire results. It is good to start with the basics and go from there.

How To Get Started

This leaves us questioning how to get started! There are a few different things you need to set yourself up with before heading down the homebrewing path. Let us guide you through some of them:

Beer Yeasts: the beer yeast is responsible for the fermentation process. There is a number of great brands on the market to choose from, such as Fermentis and Mangrove Jack’s

Hops: this is used as a flavour agent in beer. Some of our top picks are Citra Hops and Amarillo Hops.

Beer Additives: if you are wanting to experiment beyond the standard ingredients, then look into some beer additives.

Fermenter: this is used to carry out the fermenting process. 

Bottles and glasses: of course, you need to think about what you are going to do with the beer afterwards. Glass bottles are a great way to store it.

These are just the basics to get you started. Once you start the process and discover a passion for it, you will want to dive further and research into other ways you can complete the brewing process and what other products there are on the market to help. Just imagine how much more satisfying that afternoon beer is going to be knowing you made it from scratch.

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