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Author: Felicity Frankish  Date Posted:20 August 2020 

5 Reasons To Make The Switch To Online Shopping


Once upon a time, the supermarkets were packed with people fighting their way through to grab the groceries they need and get out of their as fast as possible. Young kids tantruming in the middle of aisles, screaming for that chocolate bar. The elderly trying to make their way around and reach the higher shelves. Stressed out workers on their way home shopping last minute for dinner. These days? Shopping has gone online and it has made everyone’s lives much simpler and much easier.


Research shows that in the past year alone, the average Australian household bought online on 6.7 occasions, with steady growth in the fresh produce and fruit. Here is why parents are making the switch to online shopping.


  1. Easy to stick to a Budget

Unless you are a maths whizz, adding up products as you walk around the store and pop them in your trolley is hard. Add in a few screaming kids and it is next to impossible. Most families are on a strict budget when it comes to the weekly shop, and buying online is the easiest way to stick to it. Your cart tallies itself as you go, and once you get to the end of your shop you can go back and take out any added extras that have blown out your budget for that week. Even better, most online shopping sites allow you to filter your searches, so you can look for the lowest priced options without having to work it out for yourself and compare in store.


  1. No tantrums

That’s right, you no longer have to drag kids along to the shops and deal with them pestering for chocolates and treats as you walk around the store. No one enjoys grocery shopping, least of all kids. They would much rather be running their energy out at the park instead of trapped in a trolley or by your side as you shop. It’s no wonder they end up in tears half the time. Plus, there’s not many a person who can walk through the chocolate aisle without feeling at least a little tempted – we can hardly expect kids to be able to do it! On top of all of this, you are trying to get through your list and concentrate on the shop. Next to impossible. Online shopping takes away all of this, allowing you to shop at a time that is convenient to you (like when the kids are asleep), without any of the stresses.


  1. Fast delivery

As a family, it is almost impossible to find a time to shop together. Your other half is usually at home watching the kids, or at work leaving you on your own. Making it to the shops is a juggle and one that has to be planned for. When you are a parent, there is no such thing as ducking out to the shops. If you are running out of toilet paper, simply jump online and order for the next day without wondering how you are going to get out of the home with three kids in tow.


  1. Save Calories

When you shop in store, there are so many products put in front of you that aren’t on your list. Many of these can be very tempting and somehow find their way into your trolley and home, and generally aren’t great for the waistline. The temptation is real. Shopping online removes you from these situations. You generally go on with a list and just type in the products you want, without being tempted by any others in the process. When they aren’t physically in front of you, they are much easier to avoid. Your waistline will thank you for it.


  1. Save money!

Meal planning is a great way to save money. Shopping online allows you to meal plan around what is on special that week. Sure, you can do this in store too, but it is much harder to find what’s on special, Google a recipe, and then go back around the store and find the rest of the ingredients you need while there in person. Online, you can simply open a new browser tab, Google the recipes and then add the rest of the ingredients to the cart with the click of a button. So easy, and will save you so much money. Online stores often have a sales section for you to shop, so you don’t even have to go looking for it. Even better, there are online stores that allow you to buy in bulk! From jumbo packs of Allen’s Party Mix for your child’s next party to stocking up on coffee to get you through the week, online shopping saves you the hassle of having to pack the car and cart these products home, and you can save even more by buying in bulk.


It’s no wonder why more and more Australians have taken to shopping for their groceries online. We all love a bargain, and it’s a great way to save and stock up on bulk items in the process. No more running out of the house with kids in tow, fighting your way through a crowded supermarket and watching your budget blow out each and every time. Bulk shopping puts you back in control of what you buy and how much you spend, and it’s fast, easy and hassle free.

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