Beer additives: the right malt for you!

Beer additives: the right malt for you!
Beer making can be a starting hobby for some people or a long-nurtured passion for others.


Choosing the right malt for your brewing process will bring all the difference to the quality and style of your beer. Malting is a process of soaking the grain in water and then drying the soaked grain to prevent germination. Malting develops important enzymes called amylases which are required for converting grain starch into sugars such as glucose or maltose. Various grains are subjected to malting for making beer, whisky, malted milk or vinegar. Malted barley and wheat are the commonly used grains for brewing beer. About 920,000 tonnes of malt barley is produced in Australia for both domestic and international markets. Usage of malt in Australia is relatively high for brewing beer with premium brands made from various types of malts available in the local market. Depending upon the brewing characteristics, some of the malted grain varieties used in beer making are listed below:


Amber malt

Amber malt is specially used for imparting colours to ale beers and was a commonly used malt in the 1800s. However, due to rising demands from craft brewers, amber malt has found its place again among the brewers due to its intense flavour which is dry and toasty. Amber malt increases foam stability and balances well with floral hops. BBHYDRO is a proud dealer of Australian produced amber malt which can be bought in bulk. 


Cara malt

Cara malt is used for giving a caramel flavour to the beer and can be used for making premium lagers, ales or bitters. It imparts body to the beer with golden-hue colour and toffee notes. It can also add a hint of sweetness to the beer. We deal in cara malt that is Australian produced and available in bulk. 


Crystal malt

Crystal malt is also used to impart caramel colour to the beer, with sweetness. It can be a good starting malt for new brewers as it will produce an overall good beer with pleasant flavours and aroma. For generating darker hues in the beer, dark crystal malt can be used. Australian produced crystal malt and dark crystal malt is available for purchasing at BBHYDRO. 


Pilsner malt

It is a very light malt used for making golden, biscuit flavoured beers with European characteristics of pilsners (a type of pale lager).  Export pilsner (Adelaide) brewing grade is also available at BBHYDRO. 


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