4 Plant Starter Kit

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It's time to bring your indoor setup to new levels. 

Introducing BB Hydro Australia 4 Plant Starter Kit. 

We have selected only the best of the best to get you ready for your next grow. 

Whats included in the box. 

1 x 10 Gallon Growers Kit from The Bucket Company

2 x 315W or 600W Adjust A Wing Lighting Kit

1 x Green Planet Essentials Kit

Further Information:

10 Gallon Grower Kits includes:

4 x 10 Gallon Planters, 4 x Shut Off Valves, 5 x Washers, 16 x PVC Legs, 5 x Extra Washers, 4 x Screen Inserts, 40 x Sprayers, 4 x Grommets, PVC Hose, 4 x Drainage Fittings, 4 x Irrigation Manifold, 16 x Manifold Brackets, 1 x Worker Station, 32 x Spreader Arms.

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Green Planet Essentials Kit:

1 x Green Planet Nutrients Dual Fuel Part 1 & 2 
Green Planet Nutrient's first true stand-alone 2-Part nutrient system, Dual Fuel is the simplest and most effective 2-Part Nutrient System on the market. Used in a 1:1 ratio throughout all growth cycles, there's no fumbling around with different measurements for each week of each growth stage; it's easy to use for the absolute beginner and has been formulated to meet the complex needs of the professional grower.

1 x Green Planet Nutrients Massive Bloom
Massive is an all natural bloom booster additive that contains the perfect combination of carbohydrates and NPK ratios.  Massive pushes a flowering plant’s natural sugar manufacturing systems to not only reach its natural maximum potential, but to surpass it.  Massive has been developed and thoroughly trialled in hundreds of licensed cultivation facilities, under both the MMAR and the new ACMPR controlled drug substances act in Canada, with 100% success rate.

1 x Green Planet Nutrients Rezin

Rezin was developed to greatly increase plant resin production. Rezin leverages the production of terpenes to amplify the essential oil and aroma profile of your plants. A byproduct of this exact process means that it also improves overall plant health. It will visually improve the “crystalline” appearance of the finished flowers and also improve the growth rate in the vegetative cycle. Rezin does not contain any plant growth regulators (PGRs) or banned and restricted bio-stimulators. Rezin is made from a combination of Ascorbic, Citric, Gluconic and Lactic Acids created through a proprietary fermentation process. Unlike other products, it will not impact the ppm/EC of your nutrient solution, allowing you to run your base nutrients at full strength.


This professional horticultural lighting solution allows all indoor growers to enjoy the benefits of DE-HPS grow lamps without any of the drawbacks commonly associated with high-wattage DE-HPS lamps housed in deep-dish “greenhouse-style” reflectors. These benefits include: increased efficiency, higher output, improved lighting spectrum, PAR maintenance (longer working lamp life), larger yields and higher quality produce. There are 2 x hanging options. For commercial applications, hang your lamp ballast & reflector together as a complete fixture. Or to save space, keep your ballast outside your grow room.



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