Revolution RC-1 Controller

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Revolution RC-1 Controller

Designed by the team at Revolution Micro, the RLC-1 Smart Lighting Controller is designed for use with their incredible new DEva 1000w HPS Complete Luminaire. The RLC-1 is a seriously powerful, compact smart-controller for hobby or commercial application.

Unlike its competitors, it completely uses digital lighting control! This ensures the RLC-1 is capable of directing an incredible 512 DEva Grow lights in two separate zones! Using standard telephone cable links, the RLC-1 effectively monitors light output, timing and can even detect dangerous temperatures and dim your grow lights accordingly to mitigate environmental stress and crop damage.

From the Revolution website:
“Raw power and lighting intensity is nothing without smart control. That’s why we concurrently developed the world’s smartest grow light controller—the RLC-1. While the DEva can work with your existing lighting controller, the RLC-1 can simulate sunrise and sunset, gradually warming up your plants just as Mother Nature does. It can also capture data on incoming power, lamp life, voltage changes and brown-outs / black-outs thanks to a built-in clock and 30-year rated battery back-up”

Crucially, the RLC-1 can even sense when temperatures in your indoor garden are too high and can automatically respond by dimming your lamps thereby mitigating environmental stress and crop damage. Output power can be fine-tuned from 600W up to 1150W in 1% increments.

The RLC-1 connects with up to 512 DEva 1000W grow lights (spread across two zones) using “buy them anywhere” standard telephone cables.”

Amazingly, the RLC-1 is also capable of capturing data on incoming power, lamp life, voltage changes, brownouts/blackouts and it even mimics the sunrise/sunset for realistic lighting simulation! For precise environmental control, the lamp output power can be dimmed.

For peace of mind, the built-in clock and backup battery have a 30-year rated lifespan.

The Revolution 1000w fixture has landed in Australian horticultural lighting… The Revolution DEva is the most advanced HPS fixture on the global market. Designed with aeronautical engineering quality and unique square-wave technology, the DEva is built for serious growers.

Durably designed by Greg Richter, The Revolution DEva fixture incorporates avionics grade capacitors that are rated for 36 years of continuous use!

The RevMicro is set to change the game of lighting in 2016, try one and see the DEva difference today!

Revolution Micro also developed the world’s most powerful lighting controller!


SKU 22598rev
Brand R(evolution)2 Deva
Shipping Weight 1.2500kg

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