The Professor's Original - 2 Part A B

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The Professor's Original Nutrient offers a complete solution for both the Grow and Bloom cycles without the need to buy separate Grow and Bloom formulations.

The unique formula is made with quality chelated elements, enabling plants to process them efficiently and ensuring great results in all stages of plant growth.

Made under strict quality controls using only the highest grade minerals and trace elements, guaranteeing the highest possible quality and nutrient absorption.

  • Complete Grow and Bloom Nutrient
  • Fully chelated macro and micro trace elements for maximum uptake
  • Aggressive high yield formulation
  • Designed and used by expert Australian Hydroponics growers


  • Fill reservoir with water and add Part A at a rate of 50 ml per 10L of water, then add part B at the rate of 50 ml per 10L. Mix well
  • Adjust nutrient strength between 1260 ppm/1.8EC  and 1400 ppm/2.0EC
  • Adjust pH between 5.5 - 6.4
  • Change reservoir weekly for optimum results 
  • Apply 1/2 strength for the outdoor plants
  • Apply 1/4 strength for cutting and seedlings
  • For Foliar Feeding, lightly mist your foliage at a rate of no more than 2 ml of Part A and 2ml of Part B per 1L of water. Apply once to twice weekly


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Brand Professor's Nutrients

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